Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

Impressive Range of Services

James Speer, CRM Marketing Manager for BCBSLA

"Hitachi Solutions provided critical help at every step in the process.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with their team and would certainly recommend their impressive range of services."

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

  • Improved customer service by streamlining call center processes in both their Shreveport and Baton Rouge call center locations, even with the increased amount of calls coming in with questions regarding the Health Care Reform legislation
  • Streamlined sales and marketing by providing a tool that helps better identify prospects and convert them into leads while also helping marketing manage and track activities around campaigns that range from TV, radio, and Social Media
  • Increased visibility to leadership into how a particular campaign has impacted customer growth and retention helps provide insight needed for planning future campaigns
  • Created framework for future incorporation in CRM of ‘Medical ManagementÂ’ which is a new initiative for BCBS of Louisiana that provides customers a wide range of care management services and information about wellness programs

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