CRM for Capital Markets


Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Capital Markets solution is built for the specific and unique needs of capital market firms. Our CRM solution integrates existing systems and data to deliver a centralized, 360° view of customers, deals, and funds so you can have a consistent and holistic view of your business. We have distinct, purpose-built solutions for private equity, asset management, wealth management, and investment banking.

  • Mobile Capability. Access your client data or review notes for deals when you are on the go. All of our CRM solutions can be accessed using your tablet or smart phone. Our mobile options range from our free, mobile browser solution, to a native mobile client built specifically for your device. Hitachi Solutions also offers a mobile portal framework that can be leveraged in your environment.

  • Flexible Deployment. Capital Market Firms often have complex security and regulatory issues that need to be considered when deploying new technology. Whether you use a cloud, hosted, or hybrid approach, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides options that accommodate your budget, security model, and long term infrastructure strategy. This flexibility ensures your CRM deployment is the best choice for your business.

  • Works within Outlook. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides access to account information through a familiar Microsoft Outlook experience to ensure rapid user adoption and fast results. You can view e-mails and your deals without ever leaving Outlook. Emails, appointments, and tasks can be seamlessly tracked in CRM to provide efficient and effective collaboration.