Hitachi Solutions Financial Services CRM

Financial Services CRM

CRM for Financial Services is a set of CRM solutions built for the specific needs of financial services organizations. Built on the framework of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our solutions combine Microsoft's best of breed CRM product with Hitachi Solutions's extensive experience and success in the financial services sector. Our solutions include industry-specific CRM configurations, customizations, roles, workflows, reports, and best practices that we have developed during our years of CRM implementations.

Our Intellectual Property. Hitachi Solutions' Financial Services CRM solutions have been designed to meet the unique, specific needs of your organization. Our reference models have been field proven in financial service enterprises just like yours. Our Financial Services CRM solutions and reference models are included as part of any CRM implementation engagement. We believe that focused CRM reference models greatly decrease project delivery time and increase customer service ability and CRM success.

Our People. Hitachi Solutions' people are not just CRM experts; we are also experts in financial services. Our consultants come from many of the most respected banks, insurance companies, and capital markets firms around.