CRM Services & Technologies


CRM Services & Technologies

The outer ring of The Customer Success Formula defines the technology tools and professional services required to support the execution of your strategic CRM focus.

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CRM Platform

A robust technology platform must be in place in order to execute your CRM strategic focus.

The Microsoft CRM platform serves as the foundation technology in The Customer Success Formula. Implementation of Microsoft CRM is the first step in your CRM journey and typically addresses marketing, sales and service processes as a starting point.

The flexibility of the Microsoft CRM platform makes it an ideal system for modeling your business and automating customer-facing processes. The platform is easily extended (think xRM) to address many different relationships and processes that make your business unique.

Data & Integration

Customer information typically resides in numerous systems. Creating a 360 degree view of your customer means pulling these sources together to create a single version of the truth within Microsoft CRM.

Customer information shared across the business must be continuously updated and synchronized in order to remain both dynamic and trusted.

Our team leverages Trillium (Harte Hanks) for Master Data Management (MDM) and Customer Data Integration (CDI) work. We leverage SSIS, CozyRoc and Scribe for integration work.

Metrics / Intellgence

Performance improvement is supported through reports, metrics, dashboards and business intelligence. These mechanisms are required to provide visibility and accountability on progress towards your Strategic CRM focus. Understanding and analyzing your customer data and employee activity data helps you to transform that data into actionable information.

Seamless inclusion of metrics and dashboards within Microsoft CRM helps drive user adoption and ensures management commitment.

Our team leverages Microsoft CRM, SQL Server and Sharepoint Enterprise for reporting, business intelligence and dashboard development.

Modeling & Workflow

Your business model and processes must be accurately reflected in your CRM system. Our team helps map your business model into the Microsoft CRM platform. We help optimize your business processes and create workflows that automate and support those processes.

Our team leverages the Microsoft CRM workflow engine and our own workflow library to support your business processes.

Document Management

Documents and document-centric processes are an important part of the 360 view of the customer and how your organization serves them. Documents are often stored in file shares or other document management tools separate from CRM. Documents need to be migrated and/or integrated with CRM in order to complete the full picture of the customer.

Our team helps integrate documents and document processes with CRM by leveraging Microsoft SharePoint.


According to Forrester Research, 62% of employees work in multiple locations during the work week. In order to achieve CRM success, it is imperative that employees on the move and in remote locations have unfettered access to customer information.

We help clients enable numerous different mobile scenarios for accessing Microsoft CRM. Device scenarios range from smart phones to tablets to laptops. Interface scenarios range from simple web forms and device specific apps to sophisticated, device agnostic, custom apps using our own mobile framework.


Engaging customers through a shared web portal is an excellent method for enhancing your productivity and better serving your customer.

Customers have come to expect more information about their interactions with your business and they expect to access that information on the web at any time.

Our team helps design, architect and build portals based on specific customer scenarios ranging from dealer management to customer service to document collaboration. Our team leverages Microsoft CRM, SharePoint and our own portal framework to build these systems.


Social CRM is a newer concept in the CRM lexicon. Social CRM brings additional information from web services and social networks where people share lifestyle data such as profiles, preferences, connections, status updates, opinions, and activities.

Typical sources include Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. This information complements contact profiles and company profiles in Microsoft CRM. We leverage InsideView to aggregate and integrate this information with Microsoft CRM.

Enterprise Social Networks (such as Yammer) provide collaborative communication tools that enable employees to easily post and share topic-based updates with one another. Yammer activity and Microsoft CRM Activity Feeds are added to the information flow around profiles.