Frank Noyes


Bachelor's of  Business Administration in Business Finance & Marketing, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Summary of Prior Work Experience

Acxiom, Inc., and Harte-Hanks, Inc. : CRM, Marketing and IT Business Solutions Consultant with over 15 years as a trusted advisor assisting business executives in developing CRM solutions that integrate people, process and technology to maximize relationships with customers.  Specializing in an executive level consultative solution approach for CRM with the goal of bringing new ideas to clients that help increase profits, lower costs and reduce fraud and risk.

Personal Philosophy

Character is everything! Just do the right thing and it usually comes out ok.

How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM improve your own performance?

Use of the application is natural and thru the integration with Outlook and Office, becomes second nature vs. a swivel chair, separate sign-on system which one becomes forced to update for reporting purposes only.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The opportunity for significant contributions to clients' sales/marketing/service productivity challenges.

What is it about Hitachi Solutions that makes it a great place to work?

The people are friendly, extremely competent, team work oriented, supportive and professional. Being associated with Microsoft's Windows 8 will be a game changer in the industry, giving everyone simplified use with access anytime, anywhere over any device with a common interface.