Gareth Prisk


Bachelors of Science, University of Pittsburgh


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Applications
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Customizations and Configurations

  • Scribe  

Summary of Prior Work Experience

I have spent more than the last five years managing and contributing to successful IM/IT projects for both public and private entities. As an IM/IT Project Manager for a government contractor, I supported various Department of Defense organizations through the creation of a Research Management Enterprise system and by facilitating successful data migrations. Most recently, I have worked as a CRM consultant providing comprehensive solutions to support the business needs of various non-profit organizations.

Personal Philosophy

The only difference between whether today is the oldest you've ever been, or the youngest you'll ever be, is perspective. Our perception of the world is what shapes and defines it; see things honestly, yet positively, and good things will follow.   

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Being able to deliver a solution to a customer that not only meets their needs, but energizes and empowers them to keep improving. It's incredibly rewarding to interact closely with customers throughout the whole process. Knowing that the final solution has met, if not exceeded, their expectations is a truly satisfying feeling.

How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM improve your own performance?

Dynamics CRM allows me to quickly identify associated content and records, and provides a quick, yet in-depth, view of a particular project. It provides a complete picture of my projects, and allows me to accurately track and plan my work in a meaningful way. Additionally, knowing that all elements of the project are linked together provides a true 360 degree  view and provides a myriad of options to access and understand project-related information.

What is it about Hitachi Solutions that makes it a great place to work?

Hitachi Solutions (Customer Effective) values and respects its employees. The transparent configuration of our internal CRM puts everyone in a position to be responsible, aware, and in-tune with their fellow employees. I believe this fosters an honest and open environment where all employees are equally empowered.