CRM for Insurance


    Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Insurance software solution built for the specific and unique needs of insurance organizations. Built on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our solution transforms policy-centric organizations into customer and agent centered enterprises. Users have a complete, 360° view of their customers and can market, sell, and service efficiently and effectively. In addition to general insurance agency CRM solutions, we also offer distinct, purpose-built solutions for Carriers and Life.

  • Mobile Capability. View your opportunity notes or check the status of a claim when you are not in the office. All of our CRM solutions for insurance can be accessed using your tablet or smart phone. Our mobile options range from our free, mobile browser solution, to a native mobile client built specifically for your device. Hitachi Solutions also offers a mobile portal framework that could be leveraged in your business environment.

  • Flexible Deployment. Insurance firms have complex security and regulatory issues that may need to be considered when deploying new technology. Whether you use a cloud, hosted, or hybrid approach, Microsoft CRM provides you with the choices and flexibility to make sure your agency CRM deployment is the best fit for your budget and long term security model.

  • Works within Outlook. Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates seamlessly with Outlook to provide a familiar user experience, ensuring rapid user adoption and fast results. All of your enterprise contacts are centrally managed in CRM, but can surfaced individually in Outlook. Emails, appointments, and tasks can be tracked in CRM to provide efficient and effective collaboration.