Matt Putnam


Wofford College - BA in Spanish



Summary of Prior Work Experience

I've been a member of the Hitachi Solutions (Customer Effective) team for more than six years and have worked as consultant and lead consultant on ~20 Dynamics CRM projects over three years.  I was a Project Leader on Dynamics CRM projects for one year and have been a Consulting Director for a little over a year now.  Prior to joining Hitachi Solutions (Customer Effective), I worked as an IT manager and project manager in the food service industry.

Personal Philosophy

Try to have fun at work and maintain a positive outlook on life and job.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Working with new customers on each project.  While the tool (Dynamics CRM) stays the same between projects, the business, the processes, and (most importantly) the people change on each new project.

How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM improve your own performance?

We live in our CRM environment and thus all interactions land there.  My ability to quickly move through those interactions keeps me working efficiently and effectively.

What is it about Hitachi Solutions that makes it a great place to work?

No doubt - it's the people.  We've built a team of people who are passionate about what we do as well as having great personalities.  Many of us have interactions outside of the office and that says a lot about who we are.