Paul Way


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Clemson University


  • Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Customization and Configuration
  • Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


Summary of Prior Work Experience

Most of my career has been spent developing. Even during a 3-year stint as an IT Manager/Director, I have always been passionate about building the ideal user experience.  Whether it's performance, relevance, or any other key driver for user adoption, I've always enjoyed overcoming challenges to enhance productivity.

Personal Philosophy

One of my favorite quotes is, "Give me 110 percent or keep your filthy hands off of my rock."  Spoken by Frank Howard during halftime before roaring back from an 18 point deficit to beat a highly favored Virginia (1966).  What's now considered part of the most exciting 25 seconds of college football, Howard's Rock exemplifies that anything can be accomplished when you push yourself beyond your limits.

What do you enjoy most about working with Microsoft Dynamics technology?

Flexibility.  Microsoft Dynamics provides a highly customizable framework that allows users to get exactly what they want.

How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM improve your own performance?

The xRM nature of CRM is quite advantageous as a developer.  As a user of CRM, the biggest individual influence for me relates to our project management and the information sharing CRM is able to provide.

What is it about Hitachi Solutions that makes it a great place to work?

The people.  We have a culture at Hitachi Solutions (Customer Effective) about making ourselves and each other better.  Whether it's training sessions, discussions, or team building, there is a lot of emphasis on personal growth.