More time in front of customer closing deals

Gary Jones, Sales Training Manager, Saia LTL Freight

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps our reps reduce sales call preparation time by one to two hours per day... this translates into more time in front of customers closing deals."

Saia LTL Freight

  • Fewer calls to close a deal due to increased visibility to customer and prospect data
  • Call preparation has been reduced by approximately 4000 hours for 200 sales reps
  • Greater sales rep efficiency with access to customer shipping activity within a single Account Record in CRM rather than having to access five or six different reports in another system to gather all customer information
  • Better competitive position due to technology at the sales rep's fingertips - no more printing and collating reports before the customer visit
  • Better customer experience as CRM provides Saia personnel a view of all customer interaction - including historical information once stored in hard copy

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