Tap Haley


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, The Citadel

Personal Philosophy: 

Spend more time listening and less time talking. 

Where in your background did you gain your Industry expertise?

My industry knowledge comes primarily from on-the-job experience as a consultant and as a sales executive in the information technology industry since the mid 1990's.  

What do you enjoy most about your role?

More than anything I enjoy hosting our Insurance Industry Round Table session at our annual Customer Conference.  I have the privilege of watching customers talk about their previous year's accomplishments and about what is next on their CRM roadmap.

What is it about Hitachi Solutions that makes it a great place to work?

I enjoy Hitachi Solutions' (Customer Effective's) "eat your own dog food" mentality that permeates our customers' success.  Everyone in our company, from marketing through project delivery, uses Dynamics CRM on a daily basis to manage their own areas of responsibility.  Consequently, we understand that the technology is an enabler and that implementing technology for the sake of implementing technology is a losing proposition.